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Identity Fraud is the go-to option for players who want a spine-tingling horror experience on Roblox. Identity Fraud’s Roblox page has received over 90 million visits. Over 750,000 players have added the game to their favourite list. Following this series of steps will allow players to install Roblox and play Identity Fraud. Team MOTHERBOARD has been working hard to make the game a perfect horror experience for everyone, and it is clearly visible in the game itself.

  • Rewards on offer include costume unlock cards, game currencies, event costumes for the Photographer and the Barmaid, an event pendant and more.
  • Meanwhile, the global version features two Bleach characters, Ichigo and Ruka.
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  • As Stryker is arrested, the heroes discover that he has sold genomes from the mutants his forces captured to Mr. Sinister for an unknown purpose.
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The premise is very family friendly when you consider that this is supposed to be a horror game. The hunter is faster than the survivors so you will need drop things in his path to keep him from catching up before you can decode all of the typewriters. You can also hide from the hunter in lockers but the success of this tactic will depend on the skills of whoever is playing as the hunter. The survivors will spend their time decoding the mysteries of the house.

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After all, this is a hide & seek game that will keep you on edge of your seat while you play it, but also you may need help to escape the Hunter on your heels. When we play like the monster, our goal will be to hunt down the survivors. Normally you can win the game by simply capturing two of them, but the more you manage to catch, the better the final score you get.

That’s the meat of the game, i.e. you choose to play as a survivor or read more about this a hunter. It’s basically a mobile version of Dead by Daylight, with four survivors and one hunter. Apparently the developer of Dead by Daylight has given consent to Identity V to use similar elements in the game.

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Alone in a Dark House is a horror game on Roblox which was created by iTamago on July 02, 2014. This game is about a private investigator who discovers a family’s dark secrets. There are multiple different characters to choose from, and you can customise them however you’d like. That way you can come up with a playstyle that works for you. Feels like playing the horror-mystery version of the good ol’ Monkey Island. PC, PS4Sweet HomeSurvival Horror, RPGHas RPG elements to it.

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