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If the project completion date is moved up, then the unit cost of work will likely increase. Conversely, a project team may be able to save money by extending the project end date. With more time, the project team may be able to schedule activities in such a way to reduce their costs. For example, an activity requiring overtime to be paid can now pay the labor at normal rates, saving the overtime premium. Changing elements of the master schedule means a change in scope.


If software that is used by most team members is appropriate to the complexity of your project, it is the default choice. It is also valuable to know what software is used by key vendors or project partners so files can be exchanged electronically in the same format. One project team was responsible for developing and delivering training to the new employees who would be building the fuselage of the Dreamliner.

Doing something like a time audit will give you the data you need to plan out an ideal schedule for your Executive and worth the effort. They are very intuitive, which takes a lot of the work out of this task and the data collected is comprehensive. If you work for an organisation that already tracks time for billing clients, then you will be used to this process. If you are new to time tracking, there are a few fundamental rules that will help you. During the time audit, you will spend a lot of time tracking your Executive, their time, and what they do with that time. Before you set out to create a time audit, you will need to plan so that you can dedicate your own time to get the time audit up and running.

Eliminate double entry and avoid missing unpaid invoices by tracking everything payment-related in one shop management system. Seamlessly integrate with Quickbooks and offer customers the ability to pay in-person or online.

Once you have complete control over the schedule, you must understand how to maximise your Executive’s productivity through your diary management skills. Effective calendar management for Executive Assistants is LMMS a hugely important aspect of the role. Assistants spend at the very least a third of their day organising their Executive’s schedule. Other software products use a server on the Internet that is open to team members and vendors who have valid passwords. Use software that is already in use and with which most team members are already familiar.

  • But, there are a lot of features that are not available on the free version.
  • The Download Accelerator Manager has a free version that you can use.
  • Its premium version costs $24.95 and has access to all DAP features.
  • Visit DAP’s website to learn more about the free and premium versions.
  • To access other features, you need to pay $25 for lifetime access to the ultimate version.

Training for new employees had to be complete three months early and the project team developed an execution strategy to meet the new deadlines. The project had a month of float, so the project accelerated the schedule by two months. The team authorized overtime from forty to fifty hours a week for team members working activities on the critical path. Authorizing overtime and hiring contractors added a 15 percent cost to the project. Overtime and the procurement of additional contract help was authorized only for work packages on the critical path because work not on the critical path would not accelerate the schedule. The unit cost of work to be performed on a project is calculated at the beginning of the project based on the execution strategy of the project to meet the project completion date.

TimeTrade Scheduler is the most advanced online appointment scheduling and on-location real-time queue management platform in the world. Instantly deployable, it meets the diverse customer engagement needs of the world’s largest and most successful businesses. Modular, secure and easy to integrate, TimeTrade helps businesses capture customer interest and exceed expectations with appointment-driven personalization. Keep all your conversations, files and feedback in one place. You’ll keep your team in sync and your projects on schedule. Employees, clients, vendors, or consultants, from near or far can work together with our collaboration tools. Plan your project activities, assign work, manage resources and collaborate with your team better to get things done on time.

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These outdated protocols are preventing you from becoming more efficient. You can update your communication preferences or unsubscribe from Aderant Marketing communications at any time. Request a demo today to see how our legal practice management software can help your organization become more agile. Use built-in tools to communicate with customers via text and email. Send automated appointment confirmations and reminders, share invoices, inspection sheets, collect payments or answer questions with just a few clicks.

Scope changes often affect costs and require agreement by the parties who signed the original scope documents. The project manager must know how to accelerate a schedule to compensate for unanticipated events that delay critical activities or to accommodate changes in the project completion date. Compressing or crashing the schedule are terms used to describe the various techniques used to shorten the project schedule. Project managers utilize several techniques to keep projects on schedule. Many project leaders believe that time lost on early activities can be made up toward the end of the project.

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It does take a little bit of discipline from you and your Executive, but the results really will help you both with scheduling and productivity. An area that I always had to juggle when I was working as an Assistant was the one to one time my Executive spent with their direct reports. It felt like the one to one meetings were always in the calendar, they were scheduled well in advance, but when it came to it, they would often get chanced, moved and re-scheduled. Along with tools that help streamline the process, you should also block off time in your calendar to dedicate to scheduling.

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