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At this point, Nintendo offers the ability to wirelessly transfer user information and save data from the original Switch to the new system. This seems pretty handy until you discover that "the transferred user and save data will be deleted from the source console." That’s not ideal unless you plan on getting rid of the original console. You can transfer cloud save data files over manually if you have a Nintendo Switch Online account, or you can let the system manage it. It is possible to use multiple micro SD cards simultaneously with the Nintendo Switch. Not literally, of course, because there is only room for one card.

If you enjoy your Switch games on physical cards, online card games sharing them between systems is pretty straightforward. Just pop the card out of one system and pop it in to the other.

adventure games

You can start a new Nintendo account for one of the consoles, but you’ll have to repurchase any games you want separately for that account. You can also buy physical game card copies of specific games that you don’t want to trigger the online check.

Riot Skate Adventures

For example, we have installed a 400 GB microSD card in the Switch so that we can be sure that we can move ahead. But you can also choose to use cheaper 16, 32, 64, 128 or 256 GB cards. If you use multiple cards at the same time in combination with the Nintendo Switch, then transferring data is no longer possible. You can expand the memory of your Nintendo Switch with a micro sd card. In this article you can read which cards you can use and what you have to take into account before you start. In order to prevent losing data, we strongly suggest not to swap data between multiple microSD cards or systems.

  • Switch – Collect all of the balls before your time runs out.
  • CurveBall – Play against the computer in a three dimensional "ping-pong" type game.
  • Kinetikz – Fire discs at the puck to guide it to the target in this addictive game of skill.
  • Put your brain to the test with these puzzling adventures.

Recent earnings reported by major developers like EA and Ubisoft have shown that digital video game sales have ballooned significantly. When finished, there will be a files name prod.keys in the root of your sd card, this file contains almost 85 keys of your system, you need it to install the XCI games. So if you want to play an online game of Mario Kart 8 Deluxe or Super Smash Bros. Ultimate across both of your Switch consoles, your options are pretty limited.

Ordering And Shipping

If you only want to perform this transfer once, you can just buy a one-month, $4 subscription and cancel it after you’re done. That system is pretty seamless—I was able to start a game of Into the Breach on one Switch and start it at the same point on another Switch minutes later without any manual work.

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